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4 Paws Studio by Claudia Reaga

1 month ago (2020-09-23 04:04:03)

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ÓNIX 🐭 ... Como pasa el tiempo, ya 3 meses sin ti y te extraño cada segundo. Hoy quiero recordarte como el viejito feliz que fuiste, a tus 14 y seguías jugando (destruyendo ? ) tus muñecos 🐾😍.
ÓNIX ... Time flies, 3 months without you and I miss you every second. Today, I want to remember you as a happy oldie you were, at 14th and still playing (destroying? ☺️) your toys! 😍

#happydog #seniordog #rainbowbridge #blacklabrador #blacklab #laboftheday #labofinstagram #rescuedog #rescueismyfavoritebreed #mixbreeddog #lovemydog #doglover #doglove #dogoftheday #seniordogoftheday #perrosfelices #perrunos #perroscolombia #perrosbogota #amomiperro #labradornegro #perroscriollos #perrosnegros #perrodeldia #amorperruno

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you i as tus and y nix como el a playing still th destroying your toys happydog seniordog rainbowbridge blacklabrador blacklab at laboftheday labofinstagram oldie perrunos perrodeldia perrosnegros perroscriollos labradornegro amomiperro perrosbogota perroscolombia perrosfelices rescuedog seniordogoftheday dogoftheday doglove doglover lovemydog mixbreeddog rescueismyfavoritebreed were second happy extra recordarte quiero hoy segundo cada o te feliz ti sin meses ya tiempo pasa viejito que remember months to want today every miss without flies fuiste time ecos mu destruyendo jugando segu amorperruno


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borgesdionisio78 Profile
@borgesdionisio78 posted 1 month ago


mariavgaia Profile
@mariavgaia posted 1 month ago

💓💓💓💓 Absolutamente hermoso !!! 🐶💖

myrth.shyrkhwnd Profile
@myrth.shyrkhwnd posted 29 days ago

اخی گوگولی

anto.sandovalc Profile
@anto.sandovalc posted 28 days ago


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@roozaaccessories posted 28 days ago


roozaaccessories Profile
@roozaaccessories posted 28 days ago


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@todoojotas posted 28 days ago


ahmadipourrr Profile
@ahmadipourrr posted 27 days ago


hjalmar2.5 Profile
@hjalmar2.5 posted 25 days ago

So cute!

nanulloal Profile
@nanulloal posted 23 days ago

no 😢 cuack

noamikeke Profile
@noamikeke posted 22 days ago

This type of dogs doesn't have part 2

realcashflips20 Profile
@realcashflips20 posted 20 days ago

Cash app flips, hit the dm

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@derinyabann posted 19 days ago


chafimed99 Profile
@chafimed99 posted 19 days ago


chuckdaniels37 Profile
@chuckdaniels37 posted 18 days ago

Such a beautiful puppy looks to be smart if a dog is smart the owner probably is to

marciaamorim64 Profile
@marciaamorim64 posted 17 days ago

❤️ esse vídeo

hamid._taziki Profile
@hamid._taziki posted 16 days ago


wolves_2020187 Profile
@wolves_2020187 posted 15 days ago

Aww so cute 😊

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__3464892__ Profile
@__3464892__ posted 11 days ago


boringnachoz Profile
@boringnachoz posted 8 days ago

Sigue Mi página para ver vídeos aburridos que te aburren. Nueva página!!!

lymjyd382 Profile
@lymjyd382 posted 8 days ago

ممكن ضيفوني مسابي جديد

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@mahiakku21 posted 8 days ago


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@joti_ipa_2020 posted 7 days ago

follow me

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