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4 days ago (2020-06-28 04:52:41)

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Really pleased with this week’s video where I take my favourite image of the year. After going to this same location at least 30 times over the last few years I finally get the shot I wanted. Link in bio....

Download video

Peak District 📷 Photo location

i the this really few least times over last finally years location get shot wanted link in at going same to pleased after year of image favourite my take where video s week with bio


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ritahornby Profile
@ritahornby posted 4 days ago


graham_williamson_1985 Profile
@graham_williamson_1985 posted 4 days ago

Watched the video Nigel. Absolutely stunning shots mate. So good when everything comes together(usually the weather) lol and you get the shot you have envisioned for years. Superb! Thanks for showing and talking through your thought process 👍😁 Atb Graham

daveadrew Profile
@daveadrew posted 4 days ago

In the short time i've been following yo there are 2 important things I have learned: 1(. A nice view dosen't make a great photograph. 2. Quality vs quantity - success comes from focusing on a few compositions and doing them well.

theripics Profile
@theripics posted 4 days ago

I could watch it for hours...🤍 So beautiful 🤍 Profile posted 4 days ago

What an achievement, congratulations! The photo is stunning. You live in a very beautiful place Nigel.

keungwaii Profile
@keungwaii posted 4 days ago

Great footage man 👌

dadrunner66 Profile
@dadrunner66 posted 4 days ago

Enjoyed today’s show - I’m jealous 🤣

jortsenam2979 Profile
@jortsenam2979 posted 4 days ago

Love the work u do.Learned some good stuffs from you .Thank you.

mike_allan79 Profile
@mike_allan79 posted 4 days ago

Great job-Even more special given that the morning was shared and experienced in person! It’s sometimes hard to convey the emotions you are feeling through a screen but given that I witnessed these mornings I totally got the excitement, the eagerness and anticipation of the second trip etc. It was definitely one of those photography ‘moments’ 👍

derox_digital Profile
@derox_digital posted 4 days ago

Really nice video Nigel!

tonyuttingdevon Profile
@tonyuttingdevon posted 4 days ago


yujinland3 Profile
@yujinland3 posted 4 days ago

Amazing video!👍🍎

cjc_iow Profile
@cjc_iow posted 4 days ago

Great video and fantastic images. Really shows the importance of printing work too, when the image came up on screen I thought it was okay, but when you were talking it through in front of the print it looked way more impressive.

sueq10 Profile
@sueq10 posted 4 days ago

A cuckoo 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

loren_s_london Profile
@loren_s_london posted 4 days ago

I'm looking forward to watching the video!

dianevose Profile
@dianevose posted 3 days ago

This week's opening sequence video really was incredibly beautiful, loved the footage of the gorgeous Woodland and the quotes 🌿🌳✨

borisflorinofficial Profile
@borisflorinofficial posted 3 days ago


farrowhazel Profile
@farrowhazel posted 3 days ago

Really good to see you out on location and the images you take. Do you have a favourite weather for your images in the woods.

karenmcleay5 Profile
@karenmcleay5 posted 3 days ago

Lovely video💕💕💕

richard_h_johnson Profile
@richard_h_johnson posted 3 days ago

Brilliant photo and really good video 👍

_mxvh Profile
@_mxvh posted 3 days ago

You're awesome man.

lazywobble Profile
@lazywobble posted 2 days ago


sebastiankrachtphotography Profile
@sebastiankrachtphotography posted 2 days ago

I love these kind of moody shots! It looks like there are coming hundreds of Orks from the „Lord of the ring“ just around the corner! The way you are living your videos is great! Keep going and stay healthy!

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