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4 months ago (2020-06-02 13:43:34)


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nidexionghenxiao Profile
@nidexionghenxiao posted 4 months ago

hi, thank u for supporting! howevr can u remove this post and reupload it without the #/ blacklivesmatter tag? it makes it hard for people to find imformation under the black lives matter tag! you can use tags like #blackouttuesday #blackoutday2020 instead

bebe_elephante Profile
@bebe_elephante posted 4 months ago

I want all of you in prison @14news

franzwiri112 Profile
@franzwiri112 posted 3 months ago

Warum ist da ein schwarzes Bildಠ_ಠ

leewufbyon5893 Profile
@leewufbyon5893 posted 3 months ago

이쁘당 굿 ㅎㅎ 엄청 하하 와 좋겠다

jdisjsbsisj Profile
@jdisjsbsisj posted 3 months ago

Be your crazy self, even when others tell you not to

000038rn Profile
@000038rn posted 3 months ago

@duzdunyaongun seni çok özlüyorum Ongun hiç iyi değilim hiç iyi değilim Ongun çok kötüyüm sana ihtiyacım var nolur bak ongun berbat bir haldeyim özür dilerim bu kadar kötü biri olduğum için de özür dilerim ben böyle yaşayamıyorum ya

85percenties Profile
@85percenties posted 2 months ago

an invitation on #the_tuesday_may : The Tuesday May will arrive up on the drive

mydaybesofine Profile
@mydaybesofine posted 2 months ago

Didnt ask

moneybagg0o Profile
@moneybagg0o posted 2 months ago

@msowavyyy look dior in ur dm just got her 😍

moneybagg0o Profile
@moneybagg0o posted 2 months ago

@msowavyyy she so fire 🔥 call her Chanel or dior

mohammadaljamanj Profile
@mohammadaljamanj posted 1 month ago


marti_na7945 Profile
@marti_na7945 posted 1 month ago


nourin854 Profile
@nourin854 posted 1 month ago

@aamir_m_nasar dm

nathanforrest67 Profile
@nathanforrest67 posted 20 days ago

I guess someone didn’t get the memo .... everyone is sick of this sh!t !!!

antonio_valejo Profile
@antonio_valejo posted 8 days ago


belated Profile
@belated posted 3 days ago

i am mostly online, so i can accept your follow request within 30 secs whenever! don't trust me? try it out! like or reply here if it worked!

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