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3 months ago (2019-07-11 17:37:17)

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We are excited to announce that Tapestry received the Gold Award (Architectural Design – Commercial and Residential Category) at this year's Good Design Awards held last night The Star in Sydney.
Tapestry is a collection of boutique apartments designed to complement the culturally diverse and industrial-urban environment. The building contributes to the local precinct where density and the walkable neighbourhood are seen as a more sustainable approach to apartment living.
We thank @gooddesignaus and this year's jury for this award recognition.
📸 @aaron_puls
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@cunningtrav posted 3 months ago

Beautiful film. 🎥

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@mpaprojects posted 3 months ago

Congrats team! Such a unique space

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@redwahharris posted 3 months ago

Stunning ❤️❤️❤️

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@dylanjamesphoto posted 3 months ago

@aaron_puls 🔥🔥

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