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Thank YOU, to all our supporters, volunteers, educators and fundraisers – whatever you do for the RNLI, we couldn’t save lives without you.
If you have a passion to help save lives like Matt, volunteer Medical Advisor at Poole Lifeboat Station, search, RNLI volunteering.

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you rnli to volunteers lives save fundraisers thank matt volunteer medical advisor at lifeboat poole help station search volunteering savinglivesatsea lifeboats support thankyou like if passion do all our supporters educators and whatever for a the we couldn t without have crew

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@eve.dearlove posted 4 months ago


stefhossle Profile
@stefhossle posted 4 months ago

What you guys do is never to be taken for granted. Thank you for protecting our waters and saving lives day in day out without fail. You guys are true hero’s and I wish that one day I can become part of all that you do!! 💪

rnli_fanpage Profile
@rnli_fanpage posted 4 months ago

We love to share your message, what you do is absolutely incredible!

wjs59 Profile
@wjs59 posted 4 months ago

One of my students’ lives was recently saved by ‘Float to Live’ so thank you for that and everything you do 👍🏼👏🏽👍🏼

leannepezza Profile
@leannepezza posted 4 months ago

Will there be another series of Saving Lives at Sea?

lesley_c70 Profile
@lesley_c70 posted 4 months ago

Always put money in the box .. my dad was in lifeboat for 40 years right up till the day he died .. so much respect for what you all do on the sea but also for your lifeboat family ..respect 💖

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dwight_rnli Profile
@dwight_rnli posted 4 months ago

No thank you! @rnli your work is amazing and there is no charity I would rather support! We raised £700 this year and hope to raise more next year!

pinklemoncafe_2019 Profile
@pinklemoncafe_2019 posted 3 months ago

Hi..Pls share this in the group and help people who are suffering because of flood.. And lost all their hopes.. Even your 1 $ can make them survive.. If you know anyone who owns a buisness and could make a donation PLEASE SHARE THIS with them. Read more -

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