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11 days ago (2019-05-14 21:31:31)

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Got all kinds of soaked this morning making this. What you’re looking at is 80 photos, all 1.5 second exposures. But there’s a problem - if you just stick them in the timeline, you have to speed everything up to 24x the speed of reality and it becomes very much a bizarre thing to watch. To get THIS effect, I dropped it all into the timeline and layed a cross-dissolve between each photo to transition from photo to photo smoothly. I think they call this frame-blending in video. Put otherwise, this very time heavy technique is the only way to get this effect. You need long exposures for one, and you need to blur the frames into one another for two. If you know another way, let me know, but so far this is the only way I know to get this effect.

Whistler, Canada 📷 Photo location

to this the you photo get all way a is and effect know i another very it speed into timeline of in if only need exposures for one but from think transition smoothly call they got frame-blending video put otherwise time each technique long blur frames two let me so heavy much between - kinds soaked morning making what re looking at photos second there s problem just cross-dissolve stick them have everything up x reality becomes bizarre thing watch dropped layed far