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10 days ago (2019-04-14 16:55:31)

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I’m being super gentle with my body right now, considering what it has just been through...but I start getting stiff and uncomfortable due to lack of my typical movement. Here are some light stretches I turned to today that have helped me, while sticking with my recovery ❤️. They feel good and I think you may like them too 💛💫 #letsmove2019 ...and yes: Carmen likes to peek 😂

i my to and with recovery stretches turned today that have helped me while sticking feel they some good think you may like them too letsmove yes carmen likes light movement are just being super gentle body right now considering what it has been here through but start getting stiff uncomfortable due lack of typical m peek

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@gstevens314 posted 8 days ago

@marie_bower I have a law degree from Columbia if that helps!

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@the_milkmans_daughter posted 8 days ago

Thank you for sharing your gifts, even as you travel through your own darkness. You are a beacon. Much love. 💫

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@twynter posted 8 days ago

@gstevens314 do you not realize how many children families used to have? Other than society and the expense put on having children (which has made the norm two children) some women

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@twynter posted 8 days ago

@gstevens314 opps it posted before I was done. I desire to have lots of children I at the moment have only two and lost one but still want more and if I had the means I would have a lot of children because I believe I was meant too! You don’t get to comment on a women’s desire to have children and how many ( if they are not cared for or unkept than use your law degree to help the children) @hilariabaldwin children are well cared for I am sure and it’s her choice.

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@gstevens314 posted 8 days ago

@twynter there are countless studies that show the risk of pregnancies in such close succession. Furthermore, the risks associated with sperm of older men. Ask your doctor. I lost a child. First pregnancy, in my 30s. It is very sad but someone (namely the obgyn treating this woman) should educate the couple on these risks and avoid these very sad, high risk pregnancies. Period. Have a good day!

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@allsopp.carol posted 8 days ago

Oh my @hilariabaldwin you are a gorgeous soul. Your response is so thoughtful. You were raised brilliantly, Alec and the little ones are so lucky. Lovely lovely family.

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@mrsheadsunicorn posted 8 days ago

You are seriously my hero and also this video is 🔥🔥 I love it, just what I needed ❤️❤️

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@amcimino posted 8 days ago

@karlieraebigelow I was wondering this as well!

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@kari.ells posted 8 days ago

@hilariabaldwin you just seem like the most lovely, genuine person. I enjoy following you 💕

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@lindsay.howitt posted 7 days ago

@cookiezul Thank you I have been trying that 😁

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@courchainedonnaxoxo posted 7 days ago

@hilariabaldwin hi Hilaria I'm praying your heart is healing as well. I'm still so so very sorry for your heartache. Happy Easter to you and your beautiful family.🐰🐇🌹🥀🌹💗🐇

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@drh62 posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 sounds like your time getting your law degree would have been better spent learning common courtesy, empathy and how to think before speaking.

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@gstevens314 posted 7 days ago

@drh62 sorry if pointing out the extremely high risks associated around very sad circumstances. As I said, I lost a baby. And, we took in a foster child at age 12, adopted him and he is now 27. I have empathy. As I said, all these children are beautiful but there is only so far we can get when playing with nature. Sorry if you find this very real information disturbing enough to write something successfully nasty but very short of clever.

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@gstevens314 posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 (upsets you) meant to be typed after “circumstances.” This couple has doctors who I doubt would recommend this but you’re welcome to find a medical doctor who would advise these back-to-back pregnancies with an aged man’s sleep and woman in her mid-30s. I have a husband and sister who both went to Hopkins for med school and find it way too risky. You’re welcome to find an educated doctor who thinks this is a good idea.

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@sarahlizdiminich posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 well said ❤️❤️❤️

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@dukaboy posted 7 days ago

@dee7321 thank you, you as well. Stay strong and positive😘

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@staciecannard posted 7 days ago

I need to do yoga. I am new to IG but would like to know the best way to start. I feel like this would help with arthritis!

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@doritosgirl21 posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 Hope you don't break your neck when you fall off your very high horse! Your post is condensing, rude and very judgmental! Shame on your parents for not teaching you better. Someone else's family, and how that family happens is N O N E of your BUSINESS, even though you live with someone who went to Hopkins.

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@doritosgirl21 posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 🤣🤣🤣🤣 please stop talking!

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@doritosgirl21 posted 7 days ago

@drh62 Perfectly said.

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@ryannecunningham posted 7 days ago

Would you have any more glutes and core workouts videos? 🙏☺️ I love following you videos 🙏

drh62 Profile
@drh62 posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 😴 Zzzz 😴 your opinion has put me to sleep. My guess is you love to hear yourself talk. I’ll be sure to reach out to you or your Johns H alum husband or sis next time I question anything. You should unfollow people who’s behavior (having kids) is bothersome to you.

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@garinay posted 7 days ago

@gstevens314 that's disrespectful and just none of your business. Unless she asked whether someone had an opinion over the matter, I don't get what made you feel you should say these things. Some opinions should just stay within.

mrscouto0930 Profile
@mrscouto0930 posted 7 days ago

It's a horrible thing to go through. I had 2 before I had my daughter. I hope you are recovering and getting through it 🙏🏼

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@kopdoc posted 7 days ago

I’m in desperate need of lower back and hip stretches. No idea where to start.

gstevens314 Profile
@gstevens314 posted 6 days ago

@doritosgirl21 it just really hit me how trashy people like you have time to scroll through comments on Instagram and wish someone breaks their neck because you are delusional and think you have a personal relationship with the wife of an actor who has a public Instagram account. I’m busy working and living in the same neighborhood where my friends and I see the adorable children with babysitters and once with their dad. Sorry you disagree but you clearly have a violent nature. When someone is risking her health and life and risking the health of an unborn child, it’s prudent to recommend maybe seeing another doctor bc no physician would go on the record recommending this. It’s high-risk and any reasonable person knows this, worth or without a medical degree. Very sad to have a miscarriage but also very possible given the circumstances.

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@j1_jena posted 6 days ago

@marie_bower gstevens314 is a man ... so he really has no idea how a woman who is a mother feels about this subject and shouldn't be spouting off about it.

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@_thesleeplessbeauty posted 5 days ago

@drh62 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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@_thesleeplessbeauty posted 5 days ago

@j1_jena 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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@thankslynn1234 posted 5 days ago

I do my own Brooklynn Pilates, every day. The stretches, hold the stretch. Always being aware of my core.

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@eeb_jcb posted 4 days ago

@gstevens314 This comment is highly inappropriate. It is disturbingly narcissistic of you to assume that your “counsel” was warranted here. The self righteous moral superiority, the name dropping and faux concern was hard to stomach. As a matter of practice, we should leave others reproductive health to them and remember that our opinions regarding the current state of a woman’s uterus, are never appropriate to share.

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@gstevens314 posted 3 days ago

@eeb_jcb I’m sorry you scroll through comments on an open forum and feel there isn’t a difference between an MD from Johns Hopkins and a random school. Most people see the distinction. All doctors are pretty smart but to get into an graduate from Johns Hopkins involves a level of learning and research that is on another level. So, I feel their opinions are professional and valid. Because this person discusses wanting another child to be a sister to her daughter indicates that there is some unnatural selection involved. Also, like most educated people working with a 60+ year-old father, there probably was sleek out on ice at least a few years ago. Why don’t you ask a doctor if this is safe or risky and also if it is likely to produce a strong and healthy baby and get back to me. Maybe when you’re scrolling through reading comments of a bazillion people again, we will cross paths. Celebrities are known to doctor shop and get people to do things to and for them that aren’t safe. Then said doctors end up on trial. It’s a real issue. If someone gets pregnant naturally it’s one thing and 60s is risky but 5+ pregnancies when your oldest is 5 is dangerous. Period.

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@elena.zafra posted 3 days ago

How tall are you ? Curious. Blessings to you and family

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@evyanelizabeth posted 2 days ago

❤️ With you little angel. ♥️

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@rmarshall123 posted 2 days ago

I hope to use your lessons. I am a brain bleed surviver. I had it in 2014.