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15 days ago (2020-02-10 04:10:38)

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Today, our cast & creative learning team will host the 5th (of 7) FOC workshops for groups of young people, who’ve all seen #CyranoWestEnd for free too.
This afternoon, 150 people will participate in beatbox and stage combat masterclasses, Q&A's and more. #theatreisforeveryone

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Playhouse Theatre 📷 Photo location

of people will for and in too this afternoon participate today beatbox cyranowestend stage combat masterclasses q a's more free ve seen all our who young groups workshops foc th the host team learning creative cast theatreisforeveryone

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lindacambula Profile
@lindacambula posted 15 days ago


lynnapin Profile
@lynnapin posted 15 days ago

Finally! Yes! 💪

milenamilenkaa Profile
@milenamilenkaa posted 15 days ago

I love James McAvoy. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓

howell_pat Profile
@howell_pat posted 15 days ago

I think its fantastic that you are opening this unique opportunity to the world so to encourage others to be open to endless possibilities and a way to live to their highest potential. You are to be commended on your work to make this world a better place and I admire your work and efforts. Thank you for caring about others.

deadlyknitshade Profile
@deadlyknitshade posted 14 days ago

Love this. You are my favourite theatre company. Such great things come from the work you do. 💙

vrauvroni Profile
@vrauvroni posted 14 days ago

I so love to see these guys from the play talking so honestly about their lives and all, just...wonderful!!! And what an opportunity, such a great idea! Love it!

ziggysailor Profile
@ziggysailor posted 12 days ago

Yessss! You are heroes, guys! 🔥

bavable_ Profile
@bavable_ posted 12 days ago

Really amazing! @ebenfigueiredo 🙌🙌 well done!so proud

seerche Profile
@seerche posted 7 days ago

I cannot express my gratitude enough for what you're doing, and the opportunity you're giving people like me, my family and younger generations. I saw the show tonight after being offered a complimentary ticket, both myself and my friend had never seen a show on the West End and we were blown away. It was her first ever professional theatre experience and what a phenomenal performance it was. I've booked my mum into see the Live version as she's not physically able enough to get up to London, but she's so excited!! THANK YOU. ALL OF YOU. You're paving a path for inclusive, affordable theatre for everyone, and it does make a difference. ❤️ I hope you all manage to read this and are proud of yourselves. X

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@adame.hassi posted 6 days ago


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