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18 days ago (2020-02-05 13:18:19)

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Breaking with his party, Mitt Romney voted on Feb. 5 to convict Donald Trump on abuse of power. The Utah Senator and 2012 Republican Presidential nominee on Wednesday became the sole #Republican to cross party lines in the #impeachment of President #Trump . @mittromney said the President’s defense team did not convince him that Trump was not abusing the power of his office when he asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate allegations regarding the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, a potential political rival for his reelection. “There’s no doubt in my mind that were there names not Biden, the President would never have done what he did,” Romney said. Video source: Senate TV

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the president of his on to not trump that in said there s did republican biden power he romney party joe vice a former son regarding potential political allegations rival doubt for never senate source video what done have would reelection names were mind my zelensky no investigate breaking volodymyr sole mitt voted feb convict donald abuse utah senator and presidential nominee wednesday became cross ukrainian lines impeachment mittromney defense team convince him with was abusing office when asked tv

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nutella_natella_ Profile
@nutella_natella_ posted 16 days ago

Trump ❤️❤️❤️😃

john.wood.568 Profile
@john.wood.568 posted 16 days ago

Benedict Arnold

lindseyferrentino Profile
@lindseyferrentino posted 16 days ago

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

joe_king24 Profile
@joe_king24 posted 16 days ago

Trump 2020 tell me different....... They all haters.....

atrm.211062 Profile
@atrm.211062 posted 16 days ago


kayyestakwees Profile
@kayyestakwees posted 16 days ago

The acquittal of the double barrel drum (Donald Trump) is an impeachment to our founding fathers thar the democracy you promised us with  has failed and what did you do is an utter failure. This is the country where Republicans interests (the white supremacy) are put above the USA despite all of your efforts to put USA above all. LET ME CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR IMPEACHMENT BY ACQUITTING THIS SITTING  PRESIDENT ON THIS IMMACULATE SOIL WITH HIS DIRTINESS.

abc1946 Profile
@abc1946 posted 16 days ago

You are such a dem and you are done !

dll228 Profile
@dll228 posted 16 days ago

Thank you Senator for not cowering to Donald Trump's bullying. If only a few more of your fellow Republicans had your courage and honesty.

farmernurse66 Profile
@farmernurse66 posted 16 days ago

Appreciate your integrity.

alexisnariasmami Profile
sciarrino1 Profile
@sciarrino1 posted 16 days ago

Get real buddy I believe you had a chance to be president but not any more! You hide behind your religion not you brain good luck

evmally Profile
@evmally posted 16 days ago

@sciarrino1 Get real buddy... he used his brain, you might try yourself.

newyorknewsight Profile
@newyorknewsight posted 16 days ago


sweetsehnsucht_ Profile
@sweetsehnsucht_ posted 15 days ago

We he took all the candles off his birthday cake instead of blowing them out and spreading germs on the cake - that’s when I knew he was great. A man of dignity and worthy of respect.

iris_marinou Profile
@iris_marinou posted 15 days ago

With lil obama president and Killary as his right hand, all Europe knew how much the democrats tried to start a war between Ukraine and Russia after they allready started other wars in Lybia and Syria. This lil man, Obama, also got cought spying on Merkel and Hollande on 2012. Because of the Democrats million of people dued and git their lives destroyed but thise leftards hypicrits still talking about humanity, cgarity, freedom and democracy. Nothing worst than american democrats trying to devide , to impose their leftard dogma, to destroy other countries real liberalism and to manipulate. Left lost everywhere. Left is so much discreditated that needs to reinvent it self. In America, liberals got destroyed by marxists.

ood275 Profile
@ood275 posted 15 days ago


tollymom52 Profile
@tollymom52 posted 15 days ago

Thank you, Mitt.

peter.j.ralph Profile
@peter.j.ralph posted 15 days ago

👏 1 person with a set

bunnyarville Profile
@bunnyarville posted 15 days ago

My hero

artin123_raz Profile
@artin123_raz posted 13 days ago


markoloko2 Profile
@markoloko2 posted 8 days ago

Sit down dummy

snowprincess1326 Profile
@snowprincess1326 posted 6 days ago

@mittromney RINO. Jealous 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥corrupted 🐀

theshoff Profile
@theshoff posted 4 days ago

Someone that is already filthy rich and lost in 2012 and trying to get back in the spot light.

nepalsinghsingh813 Profile
@nepalsinghsingh813 posted 2 days ago


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