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6 months ago (2020-01-14 15:58:48)

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WASH AND GO BRAID OUT ANYONE?! just when I thought I didn't need anymore hair products, I test out @camillerosenaturals line and now I'm obsessed. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Sleep clearly. The moisture. The smell 🤤. Lordt! loved how my hair came out! PS- and before y'all come for me. noooo, my Christmas tree is NOT still up lol
#CRHero #HEROCampaign #CamilleRose

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i and out camillerosenaturals the my hair wash how came ps- before y'all come for noooo me lordt christmas tree is not still up lol crhero herocampaign loved clearly smell anymore go braid anyone just when thought didn't need products moisture test line now i'm obsessed where have been sleep camillerose


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karimahgood Profile
@karimahgood posted 6 months ago

Girl I can smell these products through the phone 😍

karimahgood Profile
@karimahgood posted 6 months ago

Oh and my Christmas tree is still up so I’m just gon be quiet 🤐 😭

itsamiedev Profile
@itsamiedev posted 6 months ago

Love these videos 😍😍😍

modestlymilfin Profile
@modestlymilfin posted 6 months ago

❤️ Love it! & the nails!

natural_niky Profile
@natural_niky posted 6 months ago

Lmbo 😂about the tree🤣😍

busybeingsha Profile
@busybeingsha posted 6 months ago

So cuteee! I WISH I could successfully achieve a braid out but I don’t have the patience or skill clearly lol

xrizztina Profile
@xrizztina posted 6 months ago

This has been my favorite brand since they were just passing out samples at music festivals in ATL! And all I’ve used since

missjazmyne Profile
@missjazmyne posted 6 months ago

Loveee!! I’m a big fan of the Camille Rose coconut style setter and the curl maker gel

dayjannajanna Profile
@dayjannajanna posted 6 months ago

Girl I love me some Curl Makerrrrr 🔥

type4hair Profile
@type4hair posted 6 months ago

Yesssss sis! This came out GORG!

itscaseyjoe Profile
@itscaseyjoe posted 6 months ago

These products are so amazing 💕 I love how your hair came out

patricenicolealways Profile
@patricenicolealways posted 6 months ago

I’m seen this Product in cvs and now I can’t wait to try it

miss_nrb_fit Profile
@miss_nrb_fit posted 6 months ago

I love this! How long did you leave the braids in for before you took them out?

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