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14 days ago (2020-01-11 10:52:53)

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We love this full circle moment with @WillSmith & @anitascipio ! 💙✨ #Bamazing
#Repost @willsmith
My favorite moments on the road are the ones where I can connect with people like @anitascipio . I met her at the front desk before one of my VERY FIRST interviews of my career... and yesterday I was lucky enough to see her off into retirement 30 years later. She said I made her day. Y’all... she made MINE. Enjoy yourself Mama and keep spreading that love & light wherever you go!

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i my her the anitascipio and she made willsmith with of love to see off into retirement years enough later lucky we y said day all mine enjoy yourself mama keep spreading that light wherever you was very yesterday ones this full circle moment bamazing repost favorite moments on road are where career can connect people like met at front desk before one first interviews go

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Beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️

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That was beautiful.

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This is beautiful ❤️

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This woman has such a beautiful loving presence. So sweet. I’ll call her Mama too.

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