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10 days ago (2020-01-11 10:01:32)

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@Sophiabush is an inspiring example of someone who fearlessly uses their platform for good! We all have a responsibility to speak up instead of sitting idly by. Thank you Sophia! #CES2020 @spotify #SophiaBush

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anna_adamian Profile
@anna_adamian posted 10 days ago

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amandalea0128 Profile
@amandalea0128 posted 10 days ago

She has become such a tremendous leader and advocate. It is absolutely wonderful to see her showcase her ferocity and teach us all to become fireproof

auntie_ Profile
@auntie_ posted 9 days ago

Excuse me. Her father is a fucking war criminal who lied us into Iraq 19 years ago at the cost of literally unrolled dead civilians. Her grandfather was ass-deep in Iran-Contra and ran the most appallingly racist campaign since George Wallace. Her Uncle Jeb was a horrible Governor for the elderly, the poor and students in Florida. Her Uncle Neil scammed thousands of families out of their savings in the S&L scandal. Her cow grandmother said after Katerina that poor people didn’t have any stuff to lose In the floods, so what’s the big deal? And I’m supposed to admire her “speaking out”? Three generations of assholes.

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@aubsallissa posted 3 days ago


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