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6 months ago (2020-01-11 04:17:29)

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The Burmese Peacock Softshell is a very rare species of Turtle endemic to Myanmar. The main threat to this species is trading for the East Asian Food Market. Very little is known about them. Conservation organizations are working to preserve species like this. #AmazingNature #SpeakForAnimals #TheyHaveRights #TheyHaveFeelings #HighlyEndangered #AllIsConnected #BeHuman #LoveOurPlanet #LoveAnimals repost by @joelsartore vid by @zoowroclaw

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the is species to this very by joelsartore are working preserve like amazingnature speakforanimals theyhaverights highlyendangered theyhavefeelings allisconnected conservation behuman loveourplanet loveanimals vid repost organizations little them main peacock softshell a rare of turtle endemic myanmar threat about trading for east asian food market burmese known zoowroclaw


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photographer_well Profile
@photographer_well posted 6 months ago

@celio_diass os caras no frio 😂

velin252 Profile
@velin252 posted 6 months ago

Bulus in indonesian

noamamitay_ Profile
@noamamitay_ posted 6 months ago


mls.gru Profile
@mls.gru posted 6 months ago

@mike_0504 😂

joshgarciaofficial Profile
@joshgarciaofficial posted 6 months ago


martaippo Profile
@martaippo posted 6 months ago


sharibaiibe Profile
@sharibaiibe posted 6 months ago

Ugly ass shit

imnotusingthisoneanymoreeee Profile
amndditaa Profile
@amndditaa posted 6 months ago

In indonesian we call it as Labi labi

olaschuster Profile
olaschuster Profile Profile posted 6 months ago

@lesliedourthe notre nouvelle tortue

tatatomytatas Profile
@tatatomytatas posted 6 months ago

@shanitbouzaglo !!!???!!! A turtle!!!!

annarosa_volpe Profile
@annarosa_volpe posted 6 months ago


sanderson_andre2 Profile
@sanderson_andre2 posted 6 months ago

Quando o coco tá muito grande e vc pisca sem querer e ele não cai @thasimao_ @raquelduart.a

bijoureed Profile
@bijoureed posted 6 months ago


brunafialho.29 Profile
@brunafialho.29 posted 6 months ago

@maby_fialho tem mais deles Jesus

lucystoreyy_ Profile
@lucystoreyy_ posted 6 months ago

@jasmine.bauer what the hell I thougjt this was the turtles vagina

delaneylawrence96 Profile
lingxumonsuwe Profile
@lingxumonsuwe posted 5 months ago

@kelleterkris deze heeft een zacht schild

lukedistef_ Profile
@lukedistef_ posted 3 months ago

@celinedistef how’d they get this video of you

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