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I don’t share a ton of barbell workouts on my profile on a regular basis because not everyone has access to them or even has the confidence to use one. But lifting a barbell changed my life. For a long ass time all I concentrated on was the weight on the scale. But when I started going to CrossFit, I stopped thinking about my own weight and started concentrating on the barbell weight. I wanted to get better at lifts, to hit new PRs, and i wanted to feel stronger. That barbell changed me forever and I was finally able to break my addiction to weighing myself daily. Any type of working out is empowering, but there is something about lifting a barbell that makes you feel more powerful and confident than you ever thought possible. So if you’re ever thinking about lifting a barbell, but you’re too intimidated, just know it may change your life for the better. Start light, dial in your form, and start concentrating on the barbell weight. Life is way more fun without a scale.

Here’s a little barbell workout to get you started! Some movements are more advanced and take time to master, and some are movements you may have already done in the past! Hope you guys like it!! Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
🏋️‍♂️3 Bent Over Row
🏋️‍♂️2 Hang Squat Cleans
🏋️‍♂️1 Split Jerk

Then complete:
💪🏻3x12 Total Overhead Walking Lunges
💪🏻3x8 Single-Single-Double Lying Overhead Leg Raises
💪🏻3x10 Close Grip Chest Press-Skull Crusher-3 Glute Bridges

Don’t be afraid of the barbell! It’s here to make you the most confident version of yourself!

Download #1Download #2Download #3Download #4

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the.fallers Profile
@the.fallers posted 12 days ago

Man your a boss

lynch2787 Profile
@lynch2787 posted 12 days ago

I need more barbell workouts!!!

roamyoga Profile
@roamyoga posted 12 days ago

Great little workout! 🙌🏽

gracefitzloney Profile
@gracefitzloney posted 12 days ago

@jessiecaseyphoto the last move in this sequence on the first video (split jerk)— I will teach you that next!

st8ofliving Profile
@st8ofliving posted 12 days ago

Love it! 🔥

nutsogoood Profile
@nutsogoood posted 12 days ago

@shotty23 she’s worth following! Does a lot of unique body weight movements but also incorporates CrossFit movements 😉

andibdeg Profile
@andibdeg posted 12 days ago


kam60 Profile
@kam60 posted 12 days ago

Suggestions of what to use in place of a barbell? Not in the budget to purchase one unfortunately. 😕

rainyeknight Profile
@rainyeknight posted 11 days ago

Just liked this post like 10x. Never knew how strong I could feel until I started lifting a barbell. ❤️🎉🏋️‍♀️

ramona.russell Profile
@ramona.russell posted 11 days ago

@paleomg You mentioned you spend about an hour at the gym....I started doing one-hour strength and conditioning workouts in the morning, and after only two sessions, I’m “wired but tired” and can’t sleep. I know this can be due to increased cortisol and norepinephrine from exercise. The workouts feel intense, but that could be because I’m out of shape. Will this subside soon? And what can I do to get some sleep in the meantime without stopping my workouts?

debditty9 Profile
@debditty9 posted 11 days ago


smittyinthevi Profile
@smittyinthevi posted 11 days ago

Solid! Thanks for this workout. Just did it in 30 minutes for a quick Friday afternoon session!

w_loper Profile
@w_loper posted 11 days ago

@theresastone91 you can do this w Ed ball

kayallison Profile
@kayallison posted 11 days ago

@jconverti this workout

ehvenz11 Profile
@ehvenz11 posted 11 days ago

I ❤️ barbell work!! Any chance you’re going to show more of these??

erinacero Profile
@erinacero posted 11 days ago

Will there be any barbell workouts included in your program? Love this

sweetbabyblissportraits Profile
@sweetbabyblissportraits posted 11 days ago

So true about lifting a barbell. For the longest time, my scale didn’t even have a battery and I didn’t care. I was the strongest ever

cszat Profile
@cszat posted 10 days ago

But be so careful! Start with light weight and get help with your form.

brianspangle Profile
@brianspangle posted 10 days ago


jen.den Profile
@jen.den posted 10 days ago

🙌🏻 I didn’t realize how much I missed lifting with a barbell until I just watched this workout. Going to do it this weekend!

jennifernielsen78 Profile
@jennifernielsen78 posted 10 days ago

Women who lift are amazing. 🏋🏼‍♂️ I love everything about this post. Barbells are empowering for women. Nothing builds strength better which in turn changes body composition. It has been life changing for me and I will never stop 💕

barb_lamarche Profile
@barb_lamarche posted 8 days ago

What is the weight of the barbell?

secondsailclothing Profile
@secondsailclothing posted 5 days ago

I had to tell you - I included this entire barbell combo into my workout this morning and it kicked my ass and I LOVED it!! I love/hate the split jerk at the end 😅 Thanks for posting this!

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