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7 months ago (2020-01-08 12:23:27)

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Love whenever anyone — royal or not — charts their own path and shakes up old institutions to redefine what success looks like for them and their families. What do you think of their decision?

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dijah_dina_33 Profile
@dijah_dina_33 posted 7 months ago


lisa__loves_ Profile
@lisa__loves_ posted 7 months ago

Really couldn’t care less. I’m hoping this is this beginning of the end for all of them tbh.

lisa__loves_ Profile
@lisa__loves_ posted 7 months ago

Really couldn’t care less. I’m hoping this is this beginning of the end for all of them tbh.

taloulah999 Profile
@taloulah999 posted 7 months ago

The decision is their own to make but to have show such disrespect to the Queen his grandmother is horrible. I can only imagine how saddened she is by that ... I’m sure she would have supported him in whatever he choose. She has all along given him what he wanted it seemed. It’s just a shame he could t show her a little respect ...

kbx29 Profile
@kbx29 posted 7 months ago

@lisa__loves_ this is how you are nice to people? So much hate

rebeccadacosta Profile
@rebeccadacosta posted 7 months ago


nicavillarico Profile
@nicavillarico posted 7 months ago

They're old enough to know what's best for themselves and for their own family. At the end of the day, we are all entitled to make choices for ourselves. ⚡️ Also, we should remember that they're protecting their little one from all of these royal-politics-entertainment fiasco so that the kid can grow up just like any other kids out there.

magicalfairygodmother Profile
@magicalfairygodmother posted 7 months ago

Fantastic! Brave, bold, courageous! Living your life without limits of your past that has been thrust upon you. A new day, a new dawn, a new decade, a new era. May love conquer all! 🥂❤️

lisalisa19680907 Profile
@lisalisa19680907 posted 7 months ago

His Mother is so proud I bet.... @sussexroyal 😇❤️

djfreshevents Profile
@djfreshevents posted 7 months ago

110% !!! It’s refreshing to see

rysq_ny Profile
@rysq_ny posted 7 months ago


rachellovesbruce Profile
@rachellovesbruce posted 7 months ago

My thoughts are just because your family is in shatters why do you have to break another’s?? I can certainly empathize with Meghan her transition into this very public family has been utterly brutal the media has been disgusting towards her but, if they felt this strongly shouldn’t they have gone to his grandmother first and then put their plan into action?? I’m not a royalist by any means but you have to respect that the Queen at 93 has served her country with nothing but dignity and in certain she’s had to put her personal happiness to the way side in order to serve... Harry didn’t seem to have any issues before Meghan?? If he felt so strongly he would of stepped back long ago.. there’s always three sides to a story Harry and Meghan.. the queen and the reality of it..

kimberlee_luv_nascar Profile
@kimberlee_luv_nascar posted 7 months ago

I think it's great. They need to carve their own path @ariannahuff

leannegwakeling Profile
@leannegwakeling posted 7 months ago

Courageous. Their family business is one of the oldest in the world. They are deeply entrenched in tradition and yet this young couple (as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) and taking steps to bring them to being more relevant in the 21st century and sustainable for the Empire. Many might not like the choice, doesn't make the choice wrong. Having made their declaration, there also might need to be some adjustments on their part too because there is a bigger picture that not even they may have considered. The adjustments might mean things like getting a full understanding of the security needs that they now need to be responsible for. It might include how to coordinate their privately accessed team with The Firms team. It might be that they keep their existing team and pay for it directly themselves. There are so many options for solutions, it's getting clarity on the what and why, and then the how will become apparent. As a mother who has been through PND/PPD, watching Megan over the months since Archie's birth is that she may do a happy face really well, though one interview stood out last year that tended to indicate, she like many new mothers was not coping at a level she is used to being able to. that the level of public pressure (which even the everyday one of us can experience) was something she was having a great deal of difficulty managing. As an everyday person, we don't get a right to vilify her because she is a public figure. We must look at each other as humans first. I trust that they can reach a compromise that works well for everyone that is a direct stakeholder in the process.

julieockerby Profile
@julieockerby posted 7 months ago

Modern royalty.

bmaxinecantrell Profile
@bmaxinecantrell posted 7 months ago


waterlily012071 Profile
@waterlily012071 posted 7 months ago

I would have love them to be active in their royal duties but its what i want, they need to live their own life, whatever makes them happy. Others chose to be in it and always want to live a life everyone wanted, lets take a moment to see if , is that the life they dreamed of? Who are we to dictate how they run their life. they have every right to be happy . A lot of people wished this before and now that it happened you are still blaming this 2? Might as well live a life i always wanted and be happy.

nicnac56 Profile
@nicnac56 posted 7 months ago

So proud of you, strong possitive couple 💕💕

boganlana Profile
@boganlana posted 7 months ago

Wonderful comments !

amyseiber Profile
@amyseiber posted 7 months ago

Agreed 💙👍

daisysmummie Profile
@daisysmummie posted 6 months ago

I’m curious - a question to all those commenting here - So they want to be ‘financially independent’ and to do that they will use his title given to him by the Queen to SELL for Money. Market it merchandise it do whatever it takes to bring in a cash flow. They have trademarked two already - ‘SussexRoyal’ and ‘SussexBaby’ - with the clear intent to create products. And you all think that’s ok? His birthright is a Prince that will always be so. But Sussex was a gift on his wedding day and the idea that he has so little Respect for it doesn’t bother any of you? The lack of Personal Integrity speaks volumes as to his true nature. THIS is what is causing so much upheaval - the fact that he’s selling out his Family to make a profit. That financial independence will come from the hundreds of thousands of dollars he’ll charge in appearance fees on the lecture circuit or from a tell all book or from the deal with Netflix that will make him a possible 45 million dollars or some Corporation will shell out 1/2 million dollars just to have him on its Board of Directors. Don’t forget Oprah and any other ‘Entertainment’ medium that calls. The possibilities are endless He should be ashamed of himself. But I guess to all the Fandom who thinks these two walk on water it’s no big deal.

allesgute_sf Profile
@allesgute_sf posted 6 months ago

I think she’ll be pap’ed to death in Canada. Not sure how that’s any better.

yesitsthelady Profile
@yesitsthelady posted 6 months ago

My question Meghan said that she was concerned about having her son grow up in that environment. But she married Harry who grew up in that environment. He’s as normal as normally possible or should wouldn’t have married him ??

juniorsandler Profile
@juniorsandler posted 6 months ago


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