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17 days ago (2020-01-08 09:56:03)

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Two cousins drove around rescuing koalas on Kangaroo Island and brought them to their neighbors, who they say have a permit to care for native wildlife. While one of the koalas died on the way, the families says they're "just trying to collect as many live ones as we can." If anyone knows them tag them or send me a DM

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Australia 📷 Photo location

to them the on koalas a as two many way families says they're just trying collect we live ones can if anyone knows tag or send me died while of neighbors drove around rescuing kangaroo island and brought their who one they say have permit care for native wildlife cousins dm

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@telmalinnea posted 9 days ago

Why are they not moving tho🤔

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@danilodamasceno33 posted 8 days ago

@carool__sz . Ue ?

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@motlugynar posted 8 days ago

Baik baik ya Koalaku 💓

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@cassandrapfrmn posted 7 days ago

@magalie.riviere @ma_frm c’est ça la vidéo!

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@berimbolojeff posted 7 days ago

Thank you for your hearts ❤️.

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@hadeel_ms posted 7 days ago

God bless them ❤️💜

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ayumi._.uwu Profile
@ayumi._.uwu posted 6 days ago

That's paradise for me right there. Srry I'm totally ignoring the fact that Australia is still have that major wildfire

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@ash6gem posted 5 days ago

My heart cries out to these beautiful koalas. You doing some thing wonderful. Bless you kind soul. Infinite blessings all the way from Swaziland. #safe the animals

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@chachitax3 posted 4 days ago

Why aren’t they moving ??

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@korkut20hawk.eyes posted 3 days ago

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@uh_fkinh_oh posted 1 day ago

why are they so...still

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