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7 months ago (2019-12-02 07:57:09)

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Capture the essence
Photo: © @tjogr
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Location: 📍Bosco Verticale
Selected By: @_hype72_
Showcasing spectacular images of Architecture shot by world renowned photographers
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Bosco Verticale 📷 Photo location

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@paulo_henryqueoliveira posted 7 months ago


sky_high_architecture Profile
Notice from Post Author @sky_high_architecture posted 7 months ago

Congratulations @tjogr Thank You For Sharing 👌🏽😉

vsbg Profile
@vsbg posted 7 months ago

Location Verticale? This is the well known Bosco Verticale skyscraper. The correct location is Milan, and @tjogr wrote it correctly! 😉

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@seyed_marziyeh_ghadamii posted 7 months ago


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@skygroupve posted 7 months ago


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@reyna_vale posted 7 months ago


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@basitssi posted 7 months ago


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@pensandoemdecoracao posted 7 months ago


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@ramiro.garay posted 7 months ago

Great example to follow 💪🏼

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@tiernitoosito posted 6 months ago


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@meriesumer posted 6 months ago

@wisnuachintya spt ini?

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@layanaliibrahim posted 6 months ago


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@kirvaladato posted 6 months ago


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@mara.m4755 posted 6 months ago


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@llanos2912 posted 29 days ago


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