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10 days ago (2019-11-28 17:30:37)

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🚨🚨🚨There's no days off in rescue.😩🥱 There's no holidays. Even when we try to take the day off, we rarely make it through a full 24 hours. 👉Jill is in the ER with vomiting and diarrhea. Our bill is already $1000 and they still need to do more tests and hospitalize her. They think she may have pancreatitis. 💸If you were thinking of doing some Black Friday shopping please kick us $20 from your stash to help Jill! 💔💸 This video is Jill in happier days, after recovering from leg surgery. (This dog can't catch a break!) So sorry to ask on the holiday but we are so very thankful for you all!! 🐾♥️Please donate at and note it's "for Jill"🐾♥️ Sorry we don't have venmo.

Los Angeles

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jill we to and the is in you have this a for sorry donate there's dogswithoutborders org no so they from off days please leg recovering after help happier video dog stash your us surgery holiday can't all los venmo don't it's note at thankful catch very are but on ask break kick were shopping make vomiting with er hours full through it rarely our day take try when even holidays rescue diarrhea bill friday may black some doing of thinking if pancreatitis she already think her hospitalize tests more do need still angeles

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@matthewcohenphish posted 10 days ago


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@casualty_rinks posted 10 days ago

Oh sweet Jill .... 😢

ilovelucylover Profile
@ilovelucylover posted 10 days ago

@dogswithoutborders I don’t do PayPal anymore but happy to send snail mail for Jill, I’ll send 40.00

kan.cola Profile
@kan.cola posted 10 days ago

Donated to this lil angel💔

hartfieldstudio Profile
@hartfieldstudio posted 10 days ago

Done and done. I hope she gets better!!!!

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@gotelizabeth posted 10 days ago


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@rachellis55 posted 10 days ago

Donated ❤️ Hope this sweetie feels better 💙💙💙

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@rhs_training posted 10 days ago

Just sent $20

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@matthewcohenphish posted 8 days ago

Donated $100 from the Cohen family

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@spicy75ebay posted 6 days ago


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