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15 days ago (2019-11-28 12:45:22)

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jdoe20000000 Profile
@jdoe20000000 posted 12 days ago

By doing that, you’ll raise taxes to the point where the wealthy people turn poor and can’t support their families

jdoe20000000 Profile
@jdoe20000000 posted 12 days ago

If Bernie becomes president, it won’t matter if your a doctor, or work at McDonald’s. You’ll make about the same.

izzy.e78 Profile
@izzy.e78 posted 12 days ago

Love you Bernie #bernie2020 we need you 😢🙌🙌🙌🙌

thejuliaperspective Profile
@thejuliaperspective posted 12 days ago

I am struggling with students debt, same as my husband. We want to be able to buy a home and raise a family but it seems like it’ll be very very difficult to do all of this in the next few years without a president like you supporting people like us! I am with bernie! I also like senator warren. They are the stand outs for me!

music.memes.mousekateers Profile
@music.memes.mousekateers posted 12 days ago

Go get em 💜

xxemilyxchristinexx Profile
@xxemilyxchristinexx posted 12 days ago


angelo.510 Profile
@angelo.510 posted 12 days ago

Only hundreds of thousands ?? I think youre wrong. We don't go to college to avoid student debt

uneven_bricks Profile
@uneven_bricks posted 12 days ago

Underinsured based on who’s estimation?

gretch.73 Profile
@gretch.73 posted 12 days ago

🙏🙏 Profile posted 12 days ago

Come on over to the #yanggang 💬 You can read up on Mr. Andrew Yang's policies on 🧢

beingbritt.jpg Profile
jonathaneennewton Profile
@jonathaneennewton posted 11 days ago

I fight for the poor libertarians who are coerced into driving on public roads and receiving free police and fire service during emergencies 🙏

cm089552 Profile
@cm089552 posted 11 days ago

Thank you Bernie for being a Revolutionary and Fighting for everyone.

sgtdeleon Profile
@sgtdeleon posted 10 days ago

Too bad you don’t represent the tax payer. You know, the ones who made you a millionaire, that would be something else.

bud_basford Profile
@bud_basford posted 8 days ago

Yet you have how many houses?

boonejovi Profile
@boonejovi posted 7 days ago

Go Bernie! At almost 50 my hubby and I still have mounds of student loans. It’s crazy. We work hard, we have a college student who hopefully will have minimal loans. We’ve paid double our tuition costs easily....

lil._.amity Profile
@lil._.amity posted 7 days ago

I have no life insurance

ushamorii Profile
@ushamorii posted 6 days ago


a.l.e.x.s.a.g.e Profile
@a.l.e.x.s.a.g.e posted 5 days ago

#Trump2020 #🇺🇸

lax__b Profile
@lax__b posted 4 days ago

Start by SELLING all your assets and paying the homeless. Then will talk. Until then go join the other scam artists.

ishdossa Profile
@ishdossa posted 2 days ago


_dragon.sin.of.wrath_ Profile
@_dragon.sin.of.wrath_ posted 2 hours ago

If fighting for the people means taking their whole paycheck worth of taxes and giving them "free" (really funded by the taxes you plan on stealing from us) stuff than yes you are planning on doing a phenomenal job of fighting for the people. Stealing our money and our rights, sounds great to me !!!

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