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Kickline πŸ’ƒ (sound on) with @astrobandit

3 more days until Black Friday when I am going to be having the biggest sale yet for @lightpaintingtools (the tools I use to create all of these videos)! Sign up for my mailing list (link in bio) to get early access to the discount on November 28 at 12am PST! Everyone else will receive the discount on November 29 at 12am PST. I will only be listing 20 @lightpaintingtools to assure that I can create and send them out in time for the Holidays (since all of them are handmade by me). I ship worldwide 🌎 Thank you for the support! πŸ€—

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There are 46 #longexposure #lightpainting photographs in this #stopmotion video. All photos are around 1 minute exposures, freehand drawn on site at night using @lightpaintingtools . There are no visual effects added, each photo is straight out of camera. 🎡 by @xinobi

Featuring boots by @aglshoes and a dress by @lirika.matoshi

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can you leave a souvenir on my last picture ❀️

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ilike nicevoise&sound😊😊😊

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