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SOUND ON! USMC Staff Sgt. Hollie Mulvihill, 26, a Parris Island drill instructor, barks disciplinary consequences at marine recruits. The corps trains all female recruits at Parris; their regimen is designed to be identical to men’s.

I documented the process from civilian, to recruit, to marine for a story on women on the frontlines in this month’s @natgeo magazine, and will be on @goodmorningamerica this Monday, Veterans Day, talking about my work in conflict zones. In this month’s issue of National Geographic Magazine, I covered women on the frontlines of war, on peacekeeping missions, and in training in five countries over six months. On today‘s battlefields, more women than ever are in the fight. Females are taking more active roles in militaries, serving on the front lines of armed conflicts and as peacekeepers in the world‘s hot spots..

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f’d up

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@_zulamri posted 6 months ago

@aimipalevi nak tekelo anak tekak

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@andrsnn posted 6 months ago

It's badly played comedy

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@_sanjik_ posted 6 months ago

Нахер так орать? Это хрен с ним, зачем так башкой кивать

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Is that mumble rap music or slam poetry dunk?I Always get this young people arts confused

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@kiziiboy posted 6 months ago

Can you really tell me what is going on here??

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Un asco!

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@markoneal85 posted 5 months ago

😁😢😁😁 When the Drill sergeants get back to their offices, they have a blast talking about their trainees 😁😁

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As a former US Army DI I can tell you this is all standard basic training technique, that has withstood the test of time with proven results. This drill instructor is a highly trained professional who’s job it is to turn raw civilian recruits into hardened combat ready military personnel. This is what it takes. Those who have never served may not like or understand.

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@cre8inhim posted 5 months ago

Break down to build up...this doesn't work in the corporate world or civilian life...

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@peacefully_low posted 5 months ago

I can’t understand what’s being yelled

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Hoe sla je de plank mis...

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