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I was born with my ❤️heart❤️ on my sleeve...
_________________________________________ on last night’s ep things got deep & I opened up ❤️ I’m a true romantic and ultimately don’t we all want to fall in love and have the fairytale? You can catch up on the ITV Hub now (link in bio) #catchup #firsttimemum #itvhub @itvbe

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on i and my in up the you to fall love have fairytale catch can all itv hub now link bio catchup firsttimemum itvhub want don we ep born with heart sleeve so last night s things t got deep opened m a true romantic ultimately was itvbe

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blondie_n_brave Profile
@blondie_n_brave posted 9 days ago

Even tho I have a fella I felt ur pain I just want my happy ending too and to have someone that wants me and in their future , cried little watching the last bit , I’m sure u will find someone to love u that deserves a great lady like u and ps Sunday is too cute ❤️

misslouise_38 Profile
@misslouise_38 posted 9 days ago

@fernemccann you are an inspiration and the most fantastic mummy to.your baby girl and you will meet somebody who will love you for the amazing woman you are and will love Sunday just as much as you do keep doing what your doing hun 😙😆💗xx

jenstar0608 Profile
@jenstar0608 posted 9 days ago

@fernemccann Just watched this about falling in love and finding some one. I know exactly how you feel and feel exactly the same I’m a lot older than you and it’s on my mind constantly. We will find someone xxx

petsclubbexhill Profile
@petsclubbexhill posted 9 days ago

Definition of British man : Narcissist, Sociopath, Borderline, Drug Addicted, Ugly or Gay. Almost impossible to find the ☝🏻😁

haydengeorgina_97 Profile
@haydengeorgina_97 posted 9 days ago

Look this might sound harsh but I’m a single mum and I have been for 5 years. The right man will come you need to stop crying get your big girl pants on everyone feels upset because they haven’t got someone. Believe me I know ! 🙌

jennyrendall Profile
@jennyrendall posted 9 days ago

Dmd you... from 27 to 29 you have life lessons to do with astrology. 30s will be good for you. You need to love yourself and the right one will come...i do tarot and astrology dm if you want to know more x

louiseiles Profile
@louiseiles posted 9 days ago

I feel exactly the same 😩 I’m a single mum with a career and bought my own place last year. We’re so much stronger on our own but it does get tiring and lonely. I can’t wait to share all the decisions and memories too! It will happen for us 💕💫 thank you for being so honest 😘

tropicalcrop Profile
@tropicalcrop posted 9 days ago

I will try to keep simple, stop crying out for a man, as u wont attract a good one, sounding desperate, live ur life, be happy, with ur daughter, u are a good person at heart, and good will come, when it's meant to, trust!! u are not missing out..u should be at the stage of saying, I don't need a dam man, urself, it's not shameful, to be single or not married, in this day and age. , I am sure u want one marriage and not 2/3 like alot of people, as they rarely last.. #bloomwithin #singlefornow

lucysharppr Profile
@lucysharppr posted 9 days ago

I just love watching you and Sunday! She’s hilarious and the whole episode reminded me of my little girl Matilda whose 17 months old and so similar personality wise. You’re such a relatable warm and funny woman I just wanted to say what a great job you’re doing as mum xx

samisap81 Profile
@samisap81 posted 9 days ago

Your gorgeous, your daughters gorgeous... it will happen 💖 it doesn’t define you, you define you 💖💖

martipellow_wetwetwet_ Profile
@martipellow_wetwetwet_ posted 8 days ago

Your amazing one day you will find your man and be so happy just be patient you little one is just adorable 💗😘

ecodutchess Profile
@ecodutchess posted 8 days ago

Ferne you will, and he will be gorgeous just like you 🌷

faithlinneyxx Profile
@faithlinneyxx posted 7 days ago


nuttianat Profile
@nuttianat posted 7 days ago

I can’t imagine how hard it will be for you to trust someone enough to bring them into yours and Sunday’s world, but when you do, grab it with both hands and never let go. You deserve all the happiness in the world 💕 until then you and your beautiful baby girl keep smashing it 🥰 xxx

emmalews Profile
@emmalews posted 7 days ago

Super emotional episode! We all go through the same feelings and emotions. The right person will come along when you least expect it ❤️

tracey.hayward Profile
@tracey.hayward posted 7 days ago

Just watched last nights episode. Hey you are doing such a marvellous job with Sunday . Natural mummy . You’ll find Mr Right one day . Your beautiful inside & out . 💓🎀

jessica_cleave1988 Profile
@jessica_cleave1988 posted 7 days ago

Where are yours and Sunday’s matching pjs from please @fernemccann

lesley_ann_rigg Profile
@lesley_ann_rigg posted 7 days ago

I've just watched last week's episode. You escaped to the perfect place north devon. I see you went to Northam burrows. I now live in North Devon not too far away from Northam in a place called croyde. Moved here last year with my hubby and daughter as its my happy place. As overwhelming as life maybe right now, be proud of who you are and what you can give Sunday. I'd absolutely love to be able to afford to buy somewhere. I do hope though you find your man one day xx

janessarahmarie Profile
@janessarahmarie posted 6 days ago

This is sad. I hope you find someone. Remove the fillers and go natural and guys will take you serious. No more surgery

beeapi06 Profile
@beeapi06 posted 6 days ago


cornflakes9666 Profile
@cornflakes9666 posted 5 days ago

@j0diepea_x watched this last night would b nice wouldn’t it :( going to Ibiza child free I mean not having a man 😂😂

jodyjibb90 Profile
@jodyjibb90 posted 4 days ago

It'll happen lovely, I raised my daughter for 3 years on my own, i had the same thoughts as you, then last year he came into my life, this weekend its out first year anniversary, give it time he'll find you ❤️

kousarkay Profile
@kousarkay posted 3 days ago

In time hun,dont ever settle,im in the same situation❤️❤️❤️❤️so truly understand those tears.....

tuohyuw Profile
@tuohyuw posted 3 days ago

I should be a Mrs Ferne. I always get sad seeing your name. I missed our Wedding and let him and us down. But he deservedly dumped the Children and I a year later. Will never trust and never love again. They aren't worth it 💔

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