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10 days ago (2019-11-07 08:51:59)

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Ok this is going to be LIT (can I say that when I’m 32) I’m excited to announce I’ll be kicking off the @salvationarmyus Red Kettle Campaign at the @dallascowboys halftime show this Thanksgiving! I can also confirm that @the_kearnal_86 will hereby be launching his acting career. Tune in to CBS for the game and join us this holiday season in the #FightForGood 🥳🤪🥳🤪🥳 #FOOTBALL #BUTAMERICANFOOTBALL Shot by our mate @timmsy 🤙🏼

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i the to be this in can that m ok game for cbs career tune acting his and season join us holiday hereby fightforgood football butamericanfootball shot by our mate launching thanksgiving will off is going lit say when excited announce ll kicking salvationarmyus kearnal red kettle campaign at dallascowboys halftime show also confirm timmsy

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sarahclose Profile
@sarahclose posted 3 days ago

So excellent @the_kearnal_86 😂

sassy.brown.chapa Profile
@sassy.brown.chapa posted 3 days ago

Ellie if you’re going to let people make this into a left wing political showdown for you and you cave to this bs, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Salvation Army does NOT have to change their personal beliefs for a few people who want everyone to kiss their boots. Islam and other religions are not in agreement with certain lifestyles either but we don’t hear anyone trying to demand they change. Make this about music, not politics.

arnelllecraw Profile
@arnelllecraw posted 3 days ago

Bullying never is a good idea!

conexxions3 Profile
@conexxions3 posted 3 days ago

YOU ARE WARPED if you think they will be giving money to gay causes.

cweaver5896 Profile
@cweaver5896 posted 3 days ago

Bye Felicia!

cweaver5896 Profile
@cweaver5896 posted 3 days ago

Sorry but if the Salvation Army caves to your blackmail they are dumb. They have a right just like you to give money where they see fit , not where you see fit. This ain't about the LGBT community but about you thinking blackmail is cool or quid pro quo is cool.

hinkmc34 Profile
@hinkmc34 posted 3 days ago

Please cancels! Thanks!!

alexandervizz Profile
@alexandervizz posted 2 days ago

Don’t show up you’ll leave crying

chuck.pike Profile
@chuck.pike posted 2 days ago

Pull out, we don't care!

richardfite Profile
@richardfite posted 1 day ago

You won’t win in Texas honey. Wrong state to pull that crap. Performers need to stick to their jobs. Nobody cares about your opinions.

thetinacheek Profile
@thetinacheek posted 1 day ago

I’m disappointed in your demands of Salvation Army. Too far. Better left unsaid. They support ALL and do not need you to make your statements. Nobody should be out ahead or portrayed in any different light than anyone else regardless of where they come from, what they believe or how they self identify. Get over yourself. I can tel you that now your performance at the game will be tough with the hometown crowd.

kmarlowe0846 Profile
@kmarlowe0846 posted 1 day ago

Constantly amused and amazed by people such as you who complain about having others force their beliefs on you when you do the exact same thing. Honey, as far as I’m’re not that good.

grammiemac Profile
@grammiemac posted 23 hours ago

Don’t need her

cmccord58 Profile
@cmccord58 posted 22 hours ago

SO SORRY, YOU’RE a TWIT. AS ALWAYS, the money should go to where ever and whomever needs it not where you or anybody else says it needs to go.

eraser19d Profile
@eraser19d posted 9 hours ago

Please, by all means back out. Hundreds will be disappointed.

michaeldbowl Profile
@michaeldbowl posted 5 hours ago


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