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6 months ago (2019-11-05 22:33:09)

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SOUND ON! Recruits call their families to notify them they have arrived safely at Parris island. They must follow a script and shout into the receiver. I documented the process from civilian, to recruit, to marine for a story on women on the frontlines in this month’s @natgeo magazine. I covered women on the frontlines of war, on peacekeeping missions, and in training in five countries over six months. On today‘s battlefields, more women than ever are in the fight. Females are taking more active roles in militaries, serving on the front lines of armed conflicts and as peacekeepers in the world‘s hot spots.

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roman_1021 Profile
@roman_1021 posted 6 months ago

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I left for Parris Island on Easter Sunday in 2008.

reynaldoriverajr Profile
@reynaldoriverajr posted 6 months ago

When I went to boot camp, My handset wasn’t working, so I just pretended to talk to my parents by yelling the script into the receiver. That was in 2006. I feel so old 😩🦖

hkmwicz Profile
@hkmwicz posted 6 months ago


randiec Profile
@randiec posted 6 months ago


lisameloni Profile
@lisameloni posted 6 months ago

Listening to this makes me cry remembering the day my sister told me her son called and sounded just like this on his first day as a recruit. It was scary at first but letters to him every day made it easier to feel connected. I have a lot of admiration for these young woman.

frankly_seen Profile
@frankly_seen posted 6 months ago

Ahhhhh memories. To the guy in front of me who got blamed for my laughter... I’m sorry they made you dump your pee out. I hope you understand. Yuuuut. Great series!

xeneo3 Profile
@xeneo3 posted 6 months ago


john_glue Profile
@john_glue posted 6 months ago

The spirit of the army will destroy these beautiful souls

alexandra_chisari Profile
@alexandra_chisari posted 6 months ago

@zarameadows see 😂😂 you gotta save this voicemail

globalvocalz Profile
@globalvocalz posted 6 months ago

I wonder how many parents were like, "what the hell??" and tried to *69 back.

ana_parker_1 Profile
@ana_parker_1 posted 6 months ago

I see myself 😂😂😂😂

murtazacheema565 Profile
@murtazacheema565 posted 6 months ago


mer.spk Profile
@mer.spk posted 5 months ago


donis_07 Profile
@donis_07 posted 5 months ago

@emgamich I want to hear this call from someone 😅😅

jenw.82 Profile
@jenw.82 posted 5 months ago

Why? This is wrong!

marcobremer Profile
@marcobremer posted 5 months ago

Nog zo'n kansloos voorbeeld

theoneanonly00 Profile
@theoneanonly00 posted 5 months ago


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