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18 days ago (2019-11-03 06:01:32)

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As per media reports, Delhi’s Air Quality Index (AQI) remained severe at 447 this morning. Many flights were diverted due to low visibility, and schools will remain shut till Tuesday, but no relief seems imminent.
Celebrations for Chhatt Puja commenced last evening but people did not practise refrain from burning fire crackers. Well, because burning fire crackers for them means practising faith. And that definitely is more important than breathing. Happy slow dying, Delhi.

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delhi for burning and crackers fire but because well refrain from means practise not did people evening them faith practising slow airpollution pollution firecracker diwali delhipollution dying happy commenced breathing than important more is definitely that last as puja remained flights many morning this at severe aqi diverted index quality air s reports media were due chhatt tuesday per celebrations imminent seems relief no till to shut remain will schools visibility low climatechangeisreal

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meghanasastry Profile
@meghanasastry posted 18 days ago

Thanks for the share. This is such a pity!

carole2652 Profile
@carole2652 posted 18 days ago

Oh how sad Such an amazing city & country

ankitvivid Profile
@ankitvivid posted 18 days ago

The situation is so pathetic and it's all because of sheer negligence and I am worried it's only going to worse. 😣

smitashrm Profile
@smitashrm posted 17 days ago

I’m dreading to come back to Delhi with my baby this week

pigdawwg Profile
@pigdawwg posted 17 days ago


dontcheckmybio8 Profile
@dontcheckmybio8 posted 17 days ago

Where r bhakts😂 who oppose those who tell not to burn crackers

riddhi_parekh Profile
@riddhi_parekh posted 17 days ago

We are dying slow death regardless. It's a pity.

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