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Extreme Himalayan roads, NH-505 (Part - 2) This road sits at an average altitude of 2500 meters (8202 feet) above sea level, and some sections go beyond 4500 meters (14700 feet). Situated between Recongpeo - Kaza - Manali, total length 400 km.
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Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, India 📷 Photo location

- go feet meters extreme situated between recongpeo kaza manali total km length want to see full video check my igtv beyond some sections at roads nh- part this road sits an himalayan average altitude of above sea level and videos


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Как ош

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Kiya bat hai yar bro kmal hogayaha

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Almost looks like Trail Ridge Road in Colorados Rocky Mountains

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Byy cutipai ❤️❤️ @user9696966666

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Udnoajuxbis jsuhgys

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Manju Sangam Ho Gaya

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فالو لطفا

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What the car

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