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8 months ago (2019-10-09 13:20:36)

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Happy Birthday @willsmith 🖤 #StevieWonder , we will keep the champagne room our little secret. 🤫🍾 #Hustlers #Ramona
#Repost @willsmith
- - - - - -
P.S. @jlo , hustlers was fantastic

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- willsmith hustlers happy secret was jlo s p repost ramona little birthday our room champagne the keep will we steviewonder fantastic


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Mi esposoooo

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Hi Jennifer I'm from Castle Hill I'm leaving now in Puerto Rico and Gaba Puente and all I've been seeing your little girl I'm 60 years old I've been seeing you for a long time I'm so proud of you you have broke as hell up thank you for doing that thank you for being a strong woman I know there was times I was pretty hard for you you have some beautiful children the twins are beautiful God bless them God bless your your husband-to-be and his family to your mother your family God bless all you guys for everything that you do and for all the Charities are you how I've been in foster care mother almost 30 years in 2016 are breast cancer and then it came back in 2090 and I have my two verses removed now I'm going back to being a foster care mother but I'm thinking of moving to Florida cuz over here the den brother theater Italian Pollo de Puerto Rico. Oquendo mucho La politica. It's sickening you know sometimes it makes me oh my God I feel like throwing up but I don't know what you call that I have to force the k-kids to my adopted I have grown. 625 babies children for adoption go back with their mother go back with a grandmother's and I taking care of kids out there to omega-6 of Mines one of them armed he was killed he was killed in Brooklyn he was killed in he was killed in Brooklyn they want to begin my whole up and I saw them they was Moses Santiago but I'm here in Puerto Rico and I'm thinking about selling the house I'm thinking about leaving and going to Florida going to Long Tallahassee cuz I had a daughter there until a premature baby so I'm thinking about going over there but in the name of Jesus I asked the Lord to give you blessings for you and your family and protect yourself from everything and be careful flying cuz of what happened to all Christian man Amanda have fear of God you know and he loves his wife and his daughters and I believe that God is going to give us strength to and her family because she's a warrior of God in us womens got to stick together as Christian woman that we are and we believe in the Lord that the Lord will give us strength because we like the rock that God puts his house over it and it will not move but it will stand strong G

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Kid bengala

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"I couldn't see where I was" 🤣🤣😂 I'm weaaaakkk

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Y la escusa es que no puedes ver... Profile posted 3 months ago

@jlo smoking can cause cancer. Having millions of followers should you have moral resposibility not to encourage smoking in your postings. :)

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Jlo and Will should make a movie together

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