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As President, I leaned on @ambsusanrice ’s experience, expertise, and willingness to tell me what I needed to hear. In her memoir, Tough Love, you’ll see why. It’s a tribute to American leadership—and a unifying call for us to do our part to protect it. I hope you’ll read it.

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to i it and a ll you s our do us part for call unifying leadership american tribute protect hope why see as tough love tell leaned on ambsusanrice experience expertise willingness me president what needed hear in her memoir read

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cmertes_insta Profile
@cmertes_insta posted 4 hours ago

Once a president always “Mr. President”, Mr. President you never got back to me on my Eagle Scout acknowledgment letter 😢

c4nih3lpy0u Profile
@c4nih3lpy0u posted 3 hours ago

We have the same birthday and I’m really inspired by you.. I wish you were still our best president. ✊🏽❤️

henn.dawgg Profile
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jacobtexas45 Profile
@jacobtexas45 posted 2 hours ago

Im glad your Gone 😂

mayrealnatamind Profile
@mayrealnatamind posted 2 hours ago

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hockeycris14 Profile
@hockeycris14 posted 2 hours ago

What's Obama's last name

elle517 Profile
@elle517 posted 2 hours ago

Thank you Amb. Susan Rice for telling your story and for the honesty, hard work, & heart you put into your position for the U.S. and thank you to Pres. Barack Obama - you are the “best” and you & Michele did a wonderfully special job for America & I admire you two and the family you have raised!! Enjoy life now. Breathe. Smile a lot!! You did “good“!! I appreciate you....

wilmesp22 Profile
@wilmesp22 posted 2 hours ago

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@mayrealnatamind posted 2 hours ago

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dadanachdian Profile
@dadanachdian posted 1 hour ago

Hai, I wish Obama will returning to Indonesia again and whether he should ask permision from Trump.

lingard_moshed Profile
@lingard_moshed posted 1 hour ago

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1tbrito Profile
@1tbrito posted 1 hour ago

Treason! How is Michael doing btw?! Hope all is well. #KAG2020Landslide thanks to the dems and your lap dogs in the mainstream media! #MAGA #KAG 😩🤣

kdknight62 Profile
@kdknight62 posted 1 hour ago

I miss My President!

kimrenee71 Profile
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pfernandes1207 Profile
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hein67 Profile
@hein67 posted 1 hour ago

Miss this president, it feels so long ago, when America was truly great!

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ohktimary Profile
@ohktimary posted 1 hour ago

Shlimeee🐍🤫 Profile posted 1 hour ago

Barack Obama is actually a nice person yall

jan6307 Profile
@jan6307 posted 1 hour ago

ХаНаП аННоКкуП!

jace_fullms Profile
@jace_fullms posted 1 hour ago

Does anyone know his last name? It keeps me up at night and I want to be able to sleep again

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