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You can’t stand out and fit in at the same time.

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Winter Gardens Blackpool 📷 Photo location

you can t stand out and fit in at the same time


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captainfawcett Profile
@captainfawcett posted 7 months ago

Indeed dear Boy👌 far better for one to stand out whilst others fit in 'around' you! However in the case of an elevator I have always found it pertinent to stand in rather than out..and yet still have others fit in around one...which all in all sounds too much of a conundrum to contemplate on an autumnal afternoon! Good day to you! Warmest regards, the Captain👌🎩🖤

ladygogou Profile
@ladygogou posted 7 months ago

🌎Hello Mr Spracklen🤓Happy Sunday!🌸

naomidaviesjewellery Profile
@naomidaviesjewellery posted 7 months ago

I’m not sure I do either! 😞🤣

lukethomasmate Profile
@lukethomasmate posted 7 months ago

I’d blend into all that, only wearing black 😑

arussett82 Profile
@arussett82 posted 7 months ago

I'd rather stand out and break the mold anyday! Life is to short to comform to being a sheep. I'll be the black sheep, I'll be awkward, I'll be weird, but I'll always be true! Waking up one day and realizing what's truly important is soul awakening. You stand out and that's what sets you apart. Keep on being a rockstar buddy! 👊🖤✌

lizzieroles Profile
@lizzieroles posted 7 months ago

I’ve always wanted to fit in and spent years worrying about why I didn’t! I was born to stand out, not fit in! As soon as I accepted it, I’ve been ALOT happier 💕

27dsquared Profile
@27dsquared posted 7 months ago


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