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1 month ago (2019-09-18 17:20:19)

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We’re pretty excited to announce a very cool new space that we’ve created with @marketcollective and @blankpagestudio . @the_new_blank is a concept space designed to offer studios in Inglewood (Calgary) for professional development and creative exploration. It’s where Studio North will be making its new home!

To learn more about what we're doing, or to inquire about a studio space - get in touch at . 🖤 Special thanks to @bamffstudio for the spiffy design work. check out @the_new_blank to follow what we’re up to!
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Inglewood Calgary 📷 Photo location

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the_new_blank Profile
@the_new_blank posted 25 days ago

Love the design you’re bringing to the space.

thetomagency Profile
@thetomagency posted 20 days ago

Looking forward to seeing the space and being neighbours. We can see it from our soon-to-be office.

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