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(Video) Incredible rare encounter with dozens of spotted eagle rays while snorkeling at white banks coral reef with @Sundiver Snorkel Tours in #KeyLargo , Florida. Typically if you have an encounter with a spotted eagle ray it’s swimming alone but during mating season you could see dozens of them swimming together and chasing each other around the reef and sometimes they even jump out of the water. You never know what you might see while snorkeling. Book your next snorkel adventure today with @Sundiver Snorkel Tours in Key Largo.

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Or call 305-451-2220 to make a reservation.

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Video by: Mike Theiss @ExtremeNature

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Key Largo, Florida 📷 Photo location

with you snorkel sundiver - of video today your the see swimming a in tours and reef dozens eagle while encounter snorkeling spotted at book next www adventure might key largo reserve what tickets online com snorkeltickets never or call rare to make reservation follow us on instagram by mike theiss know even water but banks white keylargo florida typically if have an ray it s rays alone during out mating season could them together incredible chasing each other around sometimes they coral jump extremenature

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Sorry for selfpromoting but It actually helps so yea... We post an edited picture of a fish in food! It is really funny and you really have to check It out! 😂🐡

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So cool

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Die sind gefährlich ich lüge nicht

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Nosotras 😂

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Wow nice

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That's cool

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How did you take that vid

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° Dünya sayemizde daha iyi bir yer olacak diyerek yola çıktık. Bu süreçteki gelişimimizi görmek için porfilimizi ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

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Ficou daora

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