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7 days ago (2020-03-24 12:41:20)

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CHANGE OF PLANS! 💃🏻BANDED HOME WORKOUT! Happy Saturday friends! Hope you are all adapting ok to the new circumstances we are all in-sending positive vibes! 🙏 Schools have closed here in Minnesota, so I know we are about hours from everything else being closed as well.
I started working on a home routine/split, starting out with bands to add resistance to my training. 💪 Going to do upper and lower with one full body! We are all in this TOGETHER friends❤️, so my goal is to try to get these up everyday this week in case you want a routine!(Our work schedules are changing but also not since Joe and I are healthcare and first responder).
I do have dumbbells and a curl bar at home- from Walmart. Great way to add resistance at home or travel workouts! I recommend using a heavy door like your front door- WATCH SET UP VIDEOS! Curious what equipment y’all have a available- like I said, we in this together so I would like to help eachother out as the week goes on! 🙌
🔸Today’s workout: Upper Body. Reps are going to vary depending on the resistance I have available to me and my strength but I’m doing all sets to almost AMRAP, maybe a rep shy of failure and 3-4 sets each! Set-up videos at end!🔸

1️⃣Banded Chest Flys
2️⃣Banded Overhead Press
3️⃣Banded Straight Arm Pull Overs
4️⃣Banded Overhead Tricep Extensions
5️⃣Banded Seated Rows
6️⃣Banded Overhead Bicep Curls
7️⃣Push Ups
8️⃣Banded Lateral Raises
9️⃣-🔟Band Set Up Videos- We tied a knot at the end of the band and then put it in the door so it was secure
. . credit @jillchristinefit #Fitness #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #workout #workoutvideo #legday #gym #abs

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to i banded a are and the in all we have so at home workout of this my overhead on up resistance like add with do out routine set sets upper body together week end door - but videos going closed it as friends you band from strength available motivation me push m depending almost amrap maybe rep doing reps vary shy s today goes eachother help would workoutvideo legday said available- y equipment gym fitspo each failure tricep ups lateral bicep rows raises seated videos- tied extensions what knot then put overs fitfam pull was arm straight press secure flys credit chest jillchristinefit fitness set-up curls change bar curious about full one lower training bands starting split working started well being else everything hours know is minnesota here schools vibes positive in-sending circumstances new ok adapting hope saturday happy plans goal try watch dumbbells door- front your heavy using recommend workouts travel or way great walmart home- curl responder get first healthcare joe since not also changing schedules work our want case everyday these abs

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I’d invest in a door anchor. It makes it so much easier and you don’t have to tie knots in your bands :)

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Great workout to challenge yourself 🔥

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Buy a set of bodylastics...makes the Setup significantly easier 😂

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@lucialopezgandia90 💪😘

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@amykrystina_ me when I finally get motivated

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Love when I see actual struggle and grind in these videos! Get it gurl!!

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Hoy empese hacer esa rutina en casa Y me gustó, gracias por compartirla

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@rozhina_alaei کشاش تو گلپا نیس🤣با کش چادر باید تمرین کنیم

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Love this. Thanks for showing the setup.🙌❤️

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Where did you get these resistance bands? Desperately need some!! 😭 Xx

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