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EPIC AB Workout 💀 Visit @SculptWorld 💕 for workouts, routine, and everything else you need to become fit! .
My Top Tips To Get Rid of Bloating and Improve Digestion 🖤Like and Save!

Nutrition Talk..Let’s talk about how to improve DIGESTION and get rid of BLOATING

Stomach bloating is very common to have now a days due to chronic stress, food allergies/sensitives, poor diet, constipation, hormonal imbalances and medications. Bloating is often associated with your digestive system, so it only makes since that when your digestive system is compromised it can trigger bloating

Here are my top 5 supplements to aid in digestion and help heal the gut

1.Digestive enzymes and HCL: help aid in digestion by assisting in the breakdown of nutrients in your food and making sure you are not only absorbing them but also assimilating them so that your body can use them for energy production and to nourish the cells throughout the body.
2.Ginger: soothes the gut, reduces gas and helps stimulate bile production to aid in digestion. Try drinking ginger tea throughout the day or you can also supplement at meals with ginger capsules
3.Bone broth and Collagen: contain two major amino acids proline and glycine that are the building blocks of protein and help repair the gut. Consuming bone broth or collagen helps heal and seal the gut lining, reduce inflammation and joint pain, and strengthen your bones, hair skin and nails
4.Probiotics: help reduce bad bacteria in the gut and introduce friendly bacteria in the gut that can be compromised from stress, pathogen's, inflammation and food allergies
5. adrenal support: if you deal with chronic stress your body goes in the fight or flight response and shuts down your digestion. So if you're dealing with a lot of stress I would definitely try to implement herbs and some stress reduction techniques such as meditation and yoga to help aid in digestion as well

1️⃣ Banded Dragon fly Alternating Knee tuck to Oblique Twist [modification: leg lifts] 3x8
2️⃣ V up to Knee Tuck 3x12
3️⃣ 1 side Weighted Russian Twist superset with Dolphin Crunches 3x10
4️⃣ Plank Windmill 3x10 each leg
. . Credit @elizabethaylorfitness #Fitness #fitfam #fitspo #m

Download #1Download #2Download #3Download #4Download #5

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This is greeeeeeat info

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Now that's an ab workout. I love watching your video and seeing your muscles in action, they're inspiring to me. Just got chip away each day, it happens. I know, I have been do this slowly with a busy life for 2 years. I don't give up.

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@vittoria_rossetti_ ehy man

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@noor.5dra can we do this ! 😅

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Na @misspinox ?

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@bretcontreras1 help her out!!!

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C’est Edwige qui s’est fait un brushing @antoinebureau

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Wow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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@ceciliethurecht @idaskytt bliver forpustet bare af at kigge på det her

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That's awesome

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Vraiment forte

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