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Today's Top25 Influencers







1st billieeilish 44.3m 5.6m 401 14.201
2nd kyliejenner 152.9m 5.2m 6,214 3.791
3rd selenagomez 163.4m 5.1m 1,554 3.493
4th jenniferaniston 21.6m 4.7m 17 24.264
5th cristiano 192.4m 4.4m 2,715 2.574
6th leomessi 138.1m 4.3m 547 3.466
7th tomholland2013 32.5m 3.8m 1,109 13.107
8th shawnmendes 54.5m 3.4m 2,221 7.046
9th lalalalisa_m 27.5m 3.2m 453 13.291
10th beyonce 135.9m 2.8m 1,835 2.313
11th milliebobbybrown 31.1m 2.8m 914 10.008
12th jennierubyjane 22.7m 2.5m 476 12.598
13th mahi7781 18.3m 2.4m 102 14.886
14th sooyaaa__ 19.4m 2.4m 301 13.837
15th ddlovato 75.7m 2.3m 60 3.451
16th iamcardib 55.7m 2.3m 965 4.656
17th robertdowneyjr 44.1m 2.2m 407 5.703
18th pewdiepie 20.8m 2.1m 760 11.621
19th madelame 17.5m 2m 444 13.191
20th kimberly.loaiza 15.1m 2m 384 14.632
21st harrystyles 25m 1.9m 501 8.877
22nd emilia_clarke 26.5m 1.9m 385 8.051
23rd arianagrande 167.5m 1.8m 4,413 1.259
24th camimendes 21.4m 1.8m 292 9.705
25th ncentineo 17.3m 1.8m 246 11.814
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